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The death of the talented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from heroin overdose (and other drugs) sparked many new stories on this highly addictive drug. Many of the stories touched on how hard it is to get off the drug once you become a user. Desperate people spend thousands on doctor supervised programs that combine counseling, drugs, and support groups to help them with their problem. Of course this reminded me of the struggles my patients have with their obesity. Year after year, desperate people spend their money on useless “ lipo shots” and weight loss programs at the corner doc in a box. They try drugs like Adipex. They try well-known diets like Weight Watchers and Atkins and lesser-known fad diets as well. Some add support groups like Overeaters Anonymous. And like the heroin addict some are successful for a while but most cannot achieve on long term success.

The most striking statement I heard in the conversations on heroin addiction was the estimate that 50 to 65% of users relapse after their stay in rehab. Why is this so significant to me? Because if you are morbidly obese, that is someone who needs to lose 50, 80, 100 or more pounds and you try the “rehab equivalent” for obesity of diet, drugs, and exercise; you have a 97% plus chance of failure. It is easier to cure a heroin addiction than a food addiction!

Unfortunately there’s no surgery for heroin addiction. But, there is highly successful surgery for food addiction. 75 or 80% of weight loss surgery patients lose significant weight and keep it off. A 75 to 80% success rate with surgery versus a 0-3% success with diets, drugs, and exercise!

If you have already tried the conventional methods, now is the time to experience success with simple, safe, and effective weight loss surgery.

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